About Me

I have always been a people person. What makes us different? What makes us alike? What makes us tick? It’s all so fascinating.

I believe in creative solutions and helping each other to the best of our abilities. It’s why I loved teaching high school special education and why I’m grateful for discovering copywriting.

It combines it all. Obsessing over creative solutions to people’s problems. Understanding their needs. Researching their voice.

The exercise in empathy when I close my eyes and ask, what kind of thoughts and hopes does a visitor bring to this website?

My clients are the best part however. Business owners are the most inspiring, inspiring people I’ve met. Frankly, they work too hard (in real life) to get bogged down by social media and the internet. But the reality is, entire industries live and die by the Web and if you own a business, you needed a digital marketing strategy yesterday.

By building a business blog, I get to provide business owners something tangible. Even though it’s purely digital. What a trip!

National University. And a bachelor’s in history and world literature from Hawaii Pacific University. This means 3 things:

1. I really like beaches.

2. I’m an excellent researcher. Key words, SEO, market trends, popular content, what's working in engagement and persuasion. I'm a voracious learner and I like it all. 

3. I I really, really (really) believe in the power of communication to build relationships and move mountains.

Thanks me in a nutshell! Thanks for reading up and take care!


Nicholas B. 

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